Lindsey Little

A brief history

Lindsey Little is an Australian author and self-publisher of fantasy adventures for young adults. She splits her time between writing books and running a ballroom dancing studio with her husband. They live in the Huon Valley in Tasmania with two Maine Coon cats with Harry Potter-inspired names.

The full story

I've wanted to be a writer of books ever since I found out that real people did that, and books did not just sprout magically from shelves and bedside tables. When I got to the age when I had to start thinking about what job I might like to pursue in later life, I searched in vain for the college course or university degree that would provide the clear and easy way to authorship. My twin sister, who wanted to be a doctor, had her path neatly laid before her; where was mine? I pottered about doing interesting things like a masters degree in Medieval studies, and less interesting things like working in retail, waiting for the universe to hand me the keys to the kingdom, until finally my sluggish brain caught up. If I wanted to be a writer of books, I had to sit down and write some books.

I write the kind of stuff I love to read - fantasies, adventures, colourful characters and fast-paced plots. I love the work of J.K. Rowling, Susan Cooper, Tamora Pierce, Philip Pullman and the like, who give you interesting, likable characters to love and plonk them right in the thick of the danger and mayhem so they can be scared and clever and brave and brilliant on our behalf. That, to me, is a good read.

My first book, James Munkers: Super Freak, was published by Interactive Publication in 2014. I recently decided to take the self-publishing route, and am starting the journey with the first two books in the James Munkers series. I am also working on a fantasy coming-of-age adventure called "Ashan", a twisted fairy tale called "The Thug", and an Australian kids' chapter book called "The Ten Adventures of Billy Rogers and the November Gang".