On the Shelf

These titles are in print and available for purchase now. You can buy direct from me and get a personal inscription, or you can buy online from most online book retailers. You can also support your local book store and ask them to order it for you.


James Munkers: Super Freak

2nd Edition now available

James Munkers isn’t the heroic type.

He lacks strength, swagger and social skills. He can’t safely traverse the schoolyard, let alone a battlefield. And he might be going mad, because he’s started seeing glowing blue creatures around the place.

But one night, James is attacked and a strange power bursts out of him. He is thrust into a world of magic, danger and sharp, pointy weapons that no one in their right mind would let James handle.

But then no one seems to be in their right mind. Because they’re all saying that James is destined to save the world.


James Munkers: Freak of Nature

Ships on November 17th 2018

Trips to the Lake District are lovely, aren’t they? There’s the tiny bungalow crammed with every conceivable family member. There’s the lake to drown in, and hills to stub your toes on. And the spontaneous ninjas are really bringing the scenery to life.

James is on holiday, but weirdness doesn’t take vacations. The end of the world is nigh, his powers seem to be going haywire, and things keep popping up out of nowhere and attacking him. He might have half a chance of dealing with everything if only his meddling family would stay out of the way.

But his family are more involved in the strange events than James realises.

In The Works

These titles are not yet available for purchase. Some haven’t even been penned to paper, or keyed to screen, as it were. I intend to publish them all, and more in the years to come.


James Munkers: Time Freak

James is out of time. The dimensions are breaking down, his family are in danger, and the mysterious shadow figure is back for revenge.

Then, suddenly, James has a lot more time than he bargained for.

James Munkers: Time Freak is the third book in a fantasy adventure series for young adults.


James Munkers: Freak Out

The end of the world is nigh, and James is nowhere near close to saving it. His friends think he's evil, his companion wants him dead, and his powers aren't strong enough to stop the dimensions from tearing apart. James needs a hero.

James Munkers: Freak Out is the last book in a fantasy adventure series for young adults.



A spoiled young prince is thrown into a very different way of living when rebels take over the palace and he is forced to flee over the mountains with his mysterious uncle. 

Ashan is a coming-of-age adventure for young adults


The Thug

An enterprising merchant. A tortured teller. A frantic maiden. A wandering child. Four tales twist together to make a fifth.

The Thug is a twisted fairy tale for older readers.


The Ten Adventures of Billy Rogers and the November Gang

One stormy summer afternoon, three and a half people seek shelter in a rickety old shed, and the first adventure can begin. Just as soon as they find Patty some decent shoes.

The Ten Adventures of Billy Rogers and the November Gang is a chapter book for early readers.