James Munkers: Freak of Nature

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James Munkers: Freak of Nature


Trips to the Lake District are lovely, aren’t they?

There’s the tiny bungalow crammed with every conceivable family member. There’s the lake to drown in, and hills to stub your toes on. And the spontaneous ninjas are really bringing the scenery to life.

James is on holiday, but weirdness doesn’t take vacations. The end of the world is nigh, his powers seem to be going haywire, and things keep popping up out of nowhere and attacking him. He might have half a chance of dealing with everything if only his meddling family would stay out of the way.

But his family are more involved in the strange events than James realises.

James Munkers: Freak of Nature is the second book in a fantasy adventure series for young adults.

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The 1st Edition of James Munkers: Freak of Nature will be available from the 17th of November.
Purchases made before the 17th will ship from Tasmania on the 17th of November.


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