James Munkers: Super Freak

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JM1_front-cover (for website).jpg

James Munkers: Super Freak


James Munkers isn’t the heroic type.

He lacks strength, swagger and social skills. He can’t safely traverse the schoolyard, let alone a battlefield. And he might be going mad, because he’s started seeing glowing blue creatures around the place.

But one night, James is attacked and a strange power bursts out of him. He is thrust into a world of magic, danger and sharp, pointy weapons that no one in their right mind would let James handle.

But then no one seems to be in their right mind. Because they’re all saying that James is destined to save the world.

James Munkers: Super Freak is the first book in a fantasy adventure series for young adults.

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The 1st Edition of James Munkers: Super Freak is now out of print.

The 2nd Edition of James Munkers: Super Freak is now available.


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